You Can Buy Now, Pay Later for your Favorite Brand Name Products

Unlock the potential to shop premium brands and access up to $5,000 or possibly even more through their buy now, pay later platform.

It’s no secret that buy now pay later programs are all the rage. You may have seen offers to buy now pay later alongside products at your favorite online stores, instead of paying with credit or debit. While convenient, many of these programs will only allow you participate if you have good credit – and even then, you only get a couple of months to pay over time.

With so many options and programs to choose from it’s never been more important to maximize the value of your dollars through flexible payment terms that are right for you. That’s why buy now pay later through LutherSales is such a great option.

In the simplest terms, a buy now pay later program allows you to purchase the items you want today, through scheduled payments over time, until the item is paid for in full.

Let’s say you want to buy a 1,000-exercise bike but you don’t have the money to buy it upfront. Or you simply do not want to spend that much cash in a single purchase. With buy now, pay later, you can make weekly payments over a steady amount of time until you’ve purchased the item in full.

For example, you can purchase a high-end laptop, and qualify to pay $40 a week over 20 weeks. Not bad right? Best of all, if you participate in the right BNPL program, the spending limit you receive isn’t a direct result of your credit score.

Companies like LutherSales look at the complete picture. LutherSales considers your length of time employed, monthly salary, and expenses. Considering your full financial picture allows LutherSales to be sure they are benefiting customers, not over-extending them.

Buy now pay later programs can be confusing! Some will ask for money down before receiving the item you want to buy. Others only offer 3-6 or 12-months time to pay, which can be hard to manage with buying big-ticket items like furniture or appliances. LutherSales offers up to 36 months to buy now pay later, with no down payment and no hidden costs.

Make sure you can afford the payments. Look out for programs that might approve you for a lot of money to buy things, but it may be for an amount you can hardly fit into your monthly budget. LutherSales always checks with their applicants to see what they can comfortably manage per month.

One of the biggest benefits of buy now pay later is being able to buy items you want and need, that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to without cash in hand, or plenty of available credit. With LutherSales you get the benefit of accessing quality name-brand products through a buy now pay later platform.

But what sets us apart from other buy now pay later programs is that they always provide free shipping, world class customer service, white glove delivery on large items, and a dedicated personal shopper.

Purchasing items through buy now pay later does not necessarily improve your credit score. At LutherSales, they care about their customers financial well-being, so they typically never offer a spending limit over 5% of your monthly income. That way payments on your purchase are worked thoughtfully into your monthly budget, and those payments are reported to major credit bureaus.

A buy now pay later plan breaks up your purchases into monthly payments, so you don’t have to worry about paying upfront for an item you need, which could result in not having enough money for expenses. Buy now pay later also helps prevent you from dipping into your savings account – whew! How?

When you can make incremental monthly payments for the things you want and need, you can still pay your bills on time, and preserve your savings accounts- which helps you build financial wellness. The dedicated team of customer service representatives at LutherSales will help you effectively budget your monthly expenses when you are seeking to make a purchase.

You can access buy now pay later almost everywhere you can make a purchase. At LutherSales it’s super simple – visit and fill out their straight-forward application. Once approved for a spending limit, you will be assigned a personal shopper. Your personal shopper will help you find the specific item you want to buy. Once you choose your purchase, you’ll get set up with monthly payments so you can enjoy your new purchase – right away.

LutherSales is proud of their world class customer service and dedicates a personal shopper to each customer to ensure that the customer experience is personal and convenient. LutherSales boasts a 4.6 TrustScore on Trustpilot, with 625 total customer reviews.

So, interested in making a buy now, pay later purchase with Luther now?

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