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Discount Programs for State and Local Government Employees Equals Smart Shopping

Like many Americans, state and local government employees have been having a uncertain and uncomfortable time with rising costs, inflation, and unforeseen circumstances, so state employee discounts and responsible purchasing programs are more relevant than ever. Many states’ human resources departments are looking to the private sector to assist their employees in making purchases of furniture, computers, TVs, etc.

When the economy is experiencing a lot of turmoil, state and municipal government employees can no longer be as sure as they once were of a paycheck, and they are looking for ways to make purchases using other than credit cards and cash. Many Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) companies provide special discount programs that has been tailored to the needs of state and local government employee discounts and buying programs.

Use State Employee Purchase Program

Although the size of local governments differs widely, all states have employees in every role that is found in the private sector. States and municipalities continue to provide many important opportunities for their employees; however, when it comes to providing larger financial service programs, like LutherSales’ State Employee Purchase Program, which offers these employees an additional discount not offered to non-state or local government workers, they do not have the charter to do so.

They believe their responsible purchasing programs provide a unique way for many in state government roles to purchase household furniture, computers, TVs, etc., regardless of whether states offer their own programs, which may be watered-down, or non-existent from a financial services perspective

State Employee Furniture Purchases with Special Buying Plans

Many states work with retail furniture companies who offer special purchase programs for state employees. Many times, the state government employee is not looking for the lowest discount, rather, he or she is searching for an organization that can finance their purchase without taking into consideration the employees who may have poor credit situation in the past, preventing them from taking advantage of some helpful programs.

Therefore, some BNPL companies feel it is important that these state employees have the advantage to make responsible purchases and use their state allotment program for payment. Certain BNPL companies do provide specific purchase programs to meet the needs of state and federal employees regardless of their credit situation, which is not the case with many of these companies

It’s Important To Many Companies That They Provide State Government Employee Discounts

In today’s difficult economic and political climate, LutherSales stands out among its peers in providing one of the most flexible purchase programs for state government employees, which is why we it stands above its peers in many cases. Over time, they have built a solid reputation for providing financing options to state government employees needing personal purchasing options. They have been offering purchasing programs to the military, municipal, and state government employees for many years. It is an integral part of their business model.

If you are interested in a BNPL service and would like to inquire to see how much credit is available to you, we are including a form which you can fill out and will be passed on for review. You should receive a response fairly quickly from one of them at least, and if you are a government employee, make sure to ask about any discounts offered in your response as some do offer deeper discounts on purchases for federal, state, and municipal employees.

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