Raymour & Flanigan Home Furniture Deals

Enhance Your Home With Simplicity

What if we told you, you could redecorate your home like a Hollywood A-lister, but pay like a Netflix binger? No, this isn’t a drill. This is our scoop on the best Raymour & Flanigan home furniture.

We’ve bought you five stunning pieces that will complement and enhance the look of your house. And hey, don’t worry about the price tag. With nifty “Buy Now, Pay Later” (BNPL) options, even your wallet gets to snooze a little longer. Let’s dive in!

Shiloh 2-pc. Sofa and Loveseat Set

Imagine the Shiloh 2-piece Sofa and Loveseat set as your key to a comfy and stylish living room. Picture a warm beige color that’s as cozy as a mug of hot cocoa on a freezing night. With a strong and sturdy build, it’ll last for years of fun family movie nights and lazy Sunday naps.

Shiloh 2-pc Sofa and Loveseat Set

This set includes a comfy sofa and a loveseat, both sporting neat piping and round arms, and covered in top-quality fabric. This furniture set is like a friendly character in your living room that will make it feel even homier.


  • Frames made from furniture-grade hardwood
  • Upholstery crafted from 100% Polypropylene
  • Features corner block and staple joinery
  • Comes with 9 mix-and-match accent pillows
  • Dimensions: Loveseat (W: 70″ x D: 38″ x H: 36″), Sofa (W: 88″ x D: 38″ x H: 36″)
  • Stain-resistant and durable, ensuring it stands the test of time

Why We Love It

  1. This set’s design tastefully combines farmhouse appeal with modern charm.
  2. It is well-crafted with a sturdy hardwood frame and sinuous spring seat support.
  3. The neutral beige color blends seamlessly with various interior design themes.
  4. Shiloh offers a comfortable seating experience with Dacron wrapped foam cushions and nine accent pillows.
  5. The polypropylene upholstery is stain-resistant and tough, perfect for everyday use.

Laverne Microfiber Power Lift Recliner

The Laverne Microfiber Power Lift Recliner is like a comfy king’s chair! It’s covered in soft, easy-to-clean fabric in a classy gray color and is made with a solid wood frame. It comes with a handy remote control for moving the chair and headrest to your favorite lounging positions.

Laverne Microfiber Power Lift Recliner

If you love to relax, this recliner is just perfect – it can lie completely flat, has a little pocket for the remote, and even has a USB port for charging your gadgets. Laverne is the cool future of relaxing, but with a classy look of today.


  • Upholstered in stain-resistant microfiber fabric
  • Dimensions: W: 32.5″ x D: 39″ x H: 40.5″
  • Power reclining and power lift feature, remote controlled
  • Comes with a USB charging port
  • Durable wood construction with a weight capacity of 350 lbs
  • 1 year limited warranty

Why We Love It

  • The power lift feature is a blessing for those who struggle with mobility.
  • The microfiber fabric is both soft and stain-resistant, making it easy to maintain.
  • The recliner provides a variety of positions for maximum comfort, controlled via a handy remote.
  • It comes with a built-in USB charging port, perfect for the tech-savvy generation.
  • The sturdy wood construction promises durability.

Lisbeth Swivel Accent Chair

Designed to be comfortable, the Lisbeth Swivel Accent Chair is an outstanding piece of furniture that combines aesthetic appeal with functionality. Upholstered in a delightful blue linen blend fabric with a delicate floral pattern, the chair adds a touch of classic and traditional elegance to any room.

Lisbeth Swivel Accent Chair

The chair can spin around, which makes it super handy when you’re chatting with friends or just want to look around the room.


  • Material: Hardwood, Kiln Dried Wood, Linen Blend Fabric
  • Dimensions: W: 30″ x D: 33.5″ x H: 39″
  • Max Weight: 250 lbs
  • 1 year warranty

Why We Love It

  • Swivel Feature enables free movement and easy room orientation.
  • Built with a combination of hardwood and kiln-dried wood for longevity.
  • Upholstered in a comfortable and stylish linen blend fabric.

Marguerite 3-pc. Entertainment Wall

Exemplifying rustic charm, the Marguerite 3-pc. Entertainment Wall is a perfect combination of style and functionality. The distressed white finish offers an inviting, casual look to your living space.

Marguerite 3-pc Entertainment Wall

With four drawers and eleven shelves, this piece offers an abundance of storage for your media and décor items. The thoughtful inclusion of cable cutouts further enhances the functionality of this entertainment wall, ensuring your entertainment center looks tidy and well-organized.


  • Solid Wood Build
  • Dimensions: L: 104″ x W: 18.5″ x H: 72″
  • Weight: 173 lbs

Why We Love It

  • Constructed from solid wood for strength and longevity.
  • Provides plenty of storage with 11 shelves and 4 drawers.
  • Keeps your entertainment space tidy and organized, thanks to wire cutouts.

Danfield 7-pc. Counter-Height Dining Set

An ideal blend of style and storage, the Danfield 7-piece counter-height dining set is a perfect choice for the modern dining room. Finished in an attractive dark cherry, this set is an eye-catching addition to any dining space.

Danfield 7-pc Counter Height Dining Set

Offering seating for up to six people, it includes four swivel stools and two stools without backs. The table isn’t just for eating, it also has drawers and spaces for keeping plates and glasses, and a spot for storing wine bottles. Plus, there’s an extra shelf below for storing more stuff or showing off your favorite decorations.


  • Kiln-dried Hardwood, Pine, Faux Leather build
  • Dimensions: L: 62″ x W: 40″ x H: 36″
  • Stool Dimensions: L: 19″ x W: 21″ x H: 40.5″ (Swivel Counter Stool), L: 18.5″ x W: 14.5″ x H: 24″ (Backless Counter Stool)
  • Comes with 1 year limited warranty

Why We Love It

  • Four swivel stools and two backless stools offer seating variety.
  • Comes with built-in drawers and a removable wine rack.
  • Made from kiln-dried hardwood and pine.

About Raymour & Flanigan

Raymour & Flanigan is a well-established furniture retailer that was founded in 1947 by brothers Bernard Goldberg and Arnold Goldberg in Syracuse, New York. Today, the company boasts over 120 locations across the United States and employs more than 4,000 people. They’ve become a trusted name for customers looking for a wide range of home furnishings, including living room furniture, bedroom sets, dining room furniture, outdoor furniture, and more.

High-quality products at competitive prices are the company’s hallmark. Raymour & Flanigan sources furniture from top brands like Ashley Furniture and La-Z-Boy, and also designs its own exclusive collections. Their offerings encompass a variety of styles, from traditional to modern, and customers can customize their pieces with different fabrics or finishes. Moreover, they extend their product line to include mattresses and bedding accessories.

Frequent sales and promotions are run by Raymour & Flanigan to help customers save even more. The company also provides financing options for those who need it, including special deals that allow customers to pay off their purchases over time without accruing heavy interest charges. Raymour & Flanigan places a strong emphasis on customer convenience.

Both traditional in-store shopping and online shopping are facilitated, with online orders being shipped directly to customers’ homes or available for pickup at a local store. They also offer free design services to assist customers in creating their dream homes.

Delivery and assembly services are also made available for an additional fee. Experts recommend using these services if you’re not comfortable with assembling furniture yourself or don’t have access to a truck for transportation.

The company is known for its excellent customer service, having been named one of America’s Best Customer Service Brands by Newsweek magazine multiple times. If any issues arise with a purchase or delivery, the team at Raymour & Flanigan will work to resolve them quickly and efficiently.

Lastly, Raymour & Flanigan is also recognized for its commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. It has won numerous awards in these areas and partners with organizations like Habitat for Humanity to donate gently used furniture to those in need.

A review of Options For Planning Your Home’s Future With BNPL


Navigating the Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) market, can be as exhilarating as it is complex, much like exploring a marketplace filled with varied and unique gift options. In this diverse environment, LutherSales shines as a standout provider, offering more than just financial solutions.

With over fifty years of experience, LutherSales has perfected their BNPL service, balancing ease-of-use with flexibility to accommodate a wide range of customers. Unlike many BNPL services that may seem limited in scope, LutherSales offers comprehensive support, making it an essential tool for savvy shoppers.

LutherSales distinguishes itself through its steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction. They recognize the potential in every client, focusing on future possibilities rather than past credit challenges. This forward-thinking approach is both commendable and reassuring.

For those in search of a BNPL service that seamlessly combines time-honored methods with modern financial practices, LutherSales stands as an exemplary choice. Their extensive history and unwavering dedication to customer care solidify their status as a leading figure in the BNPL field, particularly for those looking to manage their spending wisely.


Flexible credit plans with extended pay off times
No review of your credit history
The application process if very quick
Helpful in-house customer service
An array of big brands and high quality products


Requires proof of employment of at least a year
may occasionally be out of stock

MDG Finance

The Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) sector presents a landscape as nuanced as selecting the perfect present. MDG Finance, with a solid three-decade track record, emerges as a pivotal player in this field. They offer a significant $3,000 credit limit, making a range of products more accessible.

For those wary of their credit history, MDG Finance considers this a minor aspect in a larger financial picture. Their finance options are crafted to suit various economic backgrounds, allowing shoppers to comfortably pace their holiday spending.

Just as keeping gadgets updated ensures their best performance, timely payments with MDG Finance are essential. Stick to the payment schedule, and MDG becomes a trustworthy partner in financial progress. However, delays in payments can lead to mounting fees, complicating what should be a straightforward financial plan. MDG’s strength lies in its ability to simplify complex financial arrangements.

They offer a customer-focused system for smooth transactions. In essence, MDG Finance is an excellent resource for those skilled in managing their finances. But it’s crucial to stay mindful; attractive financing options can come with challenges, such as higher interest rates, if not handled with care.


Relatively flexible repayment plans available
A credit limit up to $3,000
Low payments to fit almost any budget
On time payments are reported to credit bureaus which may improve credit scores


Some high product interest rates for recurring missed payments


Affirm goes beyond mere transactional ease; it builds a foundation of trust, linking customers with opportunities to enrich their lifestyle choices. Opting for Affirm is similar to selecting a gift that perfectly suits your needs; when you choose well-regarded vendors, your financial experience is likely to be smooth, often free from the heavy interest rates that can overshadow the joy of purchasing.

Using Affirm wisely is crucial, akin to carefully managing a budget. For those with a solid credit history, Affirm offers expansive financial opportunities. Yet, it’s important to be cautious: just as overspending can strain any budget, mishandling your Affirm account can lead to financial strain.

Affirm stands out with its diverse vendor partnerships, providing a range of payment options. It’s not just another financial service; it’s a supportive partner, most effective when its use aligns with your financial goals and capabilities.


Higher credit limits than other services can be had
Interest rates may be far lower than using a credit card
Their “soft-pull” credit check doesn’t hurt a credit score


Interest rates can be as high as 30%
Limited options for payment plans with a 1-year maximum time frame
Credit score is a factor and will affect financing options
The merchant decides your interest rate, not Affirm
They typically require a down payment, unlike many other services


Holiday purchases using a Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) service can initially seem daunting, much like getting accustomed to a new high-tech gadget. In this landscape, Afterpay stands out as a straightforward and user-friendly option. Imagine you’re eyeing the latest tech gift for a loved one, a cutting-edge gadget or a trendy accessory.

With Afterpay, you can make that purchase and spread the cost over time, free from hidden charges or interest. It’s like having a financial assistant saying “Go ahead, make that special purchase, but let’s be smart about it.”

Among the numerous BNPL services, Afterpay distinguishes itself by offering a streamlined and quality-focused experience. They prioritize select, quality partnerships over an overwhelming array of options. Their approach involves a careful vetting process for users, promoting responsible financial management.

What sets Afterpay apart is its track record in helping customers make wise purchasing decisions. It’s comparable to having a system that not only aligns with your buying needs but also helps you manage your budget effectively. For those looking to fulfill their holiday gifting aspirations without compromising financial health, Afterpay offers a solution that combines savvy purchasing with thoughtful financial planning.


Does not charge interest
No credit history check
Instant approval


Interest rates as high as 25% may be charged in the event of a late payment
Does not allow selecting they repayment days
Many major stores do not partner with them, limiting options


Entering the world of Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) for tech gadgets can be as intriguing as learning the ropes of a new high-tech device. Here, Flexshopper emerges as a straightforward and helpful option. Imagine the excitement of acquiring that much-desired sofa, which, through Flexshopper, becomes attainable in a year or less.

Their product range is impressive, and their signup process is as smooth as setting up for dinner. With clear financial limits and structured payments, Flexshopper encourages users to stay financially responsible, much like regular maintenance keeps a gadget running optimally.

Flexshopper suits those who are meticulous with their finances and eager to enhance their lifestyle and home. However, it’s important to approach with caution if you’re inclined towards impulsive spending. Just as understanding the features of a new tech product is crucial before using it, comprehending Flexshopper’s terms is key to a successful and stress-free BNPL experience.


Affordable weekly payments, sometimes as low as $4
A credit limit of up to $2,500, typically lower than most


Shopping is exclusive to the FlexShopper website, limiting options
The longer payments are drawn out, the more a product will cost

Our Takeaway On Raymour & Flanigan BNPL Deals

Well, there you have it – our top 5 Raymour & Flanigan picks that are not only luxurious, but also as versatile as your style. Whether you lean towards farmhouse chic or high-end modern, these pieces fit perfectly into any aesthetic. Best of all, no need to wait until payday or dip into your savings. And with the abundance of BNPL options, you can start creating your dream home right away.

With interest-free installments (in some cases), you get to take control of your budget without compromising on style or quality. Now, that’s what we call a win-win!

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